Buying a watch can be a challenge in itself.  Running a watch without knowing its history may be damaging.  You may get a watch that is running like a champ for a few days or a few weeks. You may find that setting the watch is difficult, most likely because the lubricants have gummed up. Then before you know it the watch completely stops or worst you have damaged it. Hopefully, the watch stopped before any damage has occurred. A watch is not that different from a car. Remove the oil and it will run for a little while, but when it stops the damage is done. Would you risk running your car on old oil or no oil at all? How about your vintage mechanical watch?

Take a look at the pictures below.  The movement on the left has never been used and
was taken out of storage.  Notice the dried gummed up oils.  The one on the right is much
older, has been used and has been recently serviced.  I would put my money that the one
on the right would run longer and with less wear; simply because it has new oil and is
protected.  The one on the left will wear down and eventually stop; hopefully before any
wear to the pivots and plates
Have a Westclox pocket watch that just isn't ticking away?  It may just need a servicing.  We
are offering a servicing/inspection plus return shipping for your Westclox Pocket watch.  We
offer the following service at the price listed near the end.

Complete Tear Down of  your Westclox Pocket Watch; both the mechanical and casing.

Hand are cleaned if they are not painted and dial is dusted clean of all loose dirt.

Case is soaked and ultrasonically cleaned.  Crystals polished if scratching is slight.

Movement is soaked in a solution specifically designed to clean all internal moving parts, then
placed in an ultrasonic bath to further remove any other debris.

If all parts are in working condition:

The watch is then reassembled, new mainspring is installed and all friction points lubricated, it
is then timed to the best accuracy possible and tested for 72 hours.  We use only Moebius
9010, 9020 and d5 synthetic clock oils.

Upon verification of all the above, we will return the watch well packaged and with a One
Year Service Warranty.  (See farther below for details).

If the Westclox Pocket Watch needs repairs:

You will be notified of the estimated costs and time required to secure parts.

You will have the option of replacing the entire movement with a comparable Westclox
Movement or replacing the worn parts only.

If you decide not to accept the repair, the watch will be returned and a refund will be issued
minus return shipping and $15 for processing the watch.   Shop around and compare.  We
have the lowest price for such a service and you will find many watchmakers will not touch a
Westclox pocket watch.

Following is not included:

Major hairspring work.

Replacement of worn, missing or broken parts; including but not limited to screws, posts,
hands, train gears, etc.

Manufacturing or modification of parts.

Restoring of Hands or Dial.

Crystal replacements and hairsprings are not guaranteed to be found.  These items can
significantly delay the return of your watch.  Remember these are old and they do not make
parts for them any longer.

We will not process nor perform any work outside the scale of this agreement until a mutual
agreement has been made between the seller and buyer.  In other words, no surprises or
holding of your watch because we did extra work that has not been approved by you.

Turn around time is typically 8 weeks.
To get service directly through me, contact me via email at  I will give you my
address if I have slots available.  I prefer to control the amount of item coming into my clock shop.  I do
not have a ton of storage and only take what I can handle.  I typically have a wait line of about 8 weeks.  
This is not set in stone and can deviate as I see necessary to ensure that each item is properly serviced.

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Pocket Watch Repair and Servicing