In my case it is the inspection of the entire clock which is done
after an initial cleaning of all the parts. If there are no issues,
contact points are burnished, the clock's movement is
thoroughly cleaned again, a new mainspring is included, clock
reassembled and lubricated with the proper oils and grease. I
only use synthetic Moebius 9010, 9020 and D5 clock oils. The
clock is tested and timed for 72 hours outside of the case and
tested an additional 72 hours after assembly in the case.
Typically I issue a two year warranty if there are no other issues
that need to be addressed.

If there are issues, then the servicing becomes a repair. Repair
is anything that requires me to replace, cut or modify parts of the
movement to bring it back to prime running condition. Repair
also includes the case. Basically, if I determine that an issue may
bring back a clock before the end of its warranty term, I will insist
it be addressed. If the customer declines my recommendations,
the warranty will be lessened in duration as I see fit.
What is servicing?
Take a look at the pictures below. They are of a typical 50 year
old Westclox Alarm clock; notice the dried and gummed up
oils. If you look close ther is a dead bug. The condition of this
movement is very common. Running this clock will destroy
the plates and cause it to stop and it will require extensive
repairs. In fact, the clock below has been harmed by not
having it serviced.
Why Service?
How To Secure My Services
You can secure Westclox serviceing through me for $105
return shipping in the United States is included in the price. I
do work on other brands of clocks, mostly with hairsprings.
The cost will differ from Westclox Servicing, simply because I
am tooled up to readily handle Westclox movements. For
other brands of clocks, it will be priced upon inspection.

To get service directly through me click

I typically have a waiting time of about 8 weeks. This is not set
in stone and can deviate as I see necessary to ensure that
each clock is properly serviced.   If you do not see a clock
servicing item in my store, just wait a few days and it will
show up.  Return shipping cost is dependent on the clock. I
normally use USPS insured flat rate priority mail with
signature confirmation.

If you want an estimate or want to know if I can handle your
particular clock just click
After a little cleaning, we can see the wear that has occurred
to the plate (below). The picture on the left shows the original
position of the pivot and its wear path just above it and to the
right. In the picture on the right, the pivot was allowed to
move into the worn area and a light shined from underneath
to show how much the pivot has worn out of its original