For those that dare to venture beyond simply oiling
There is a shortage of clockmaker's and watchmaker's, many of those that have spent much time
perfecting their trade are now passing on or retiring and they are simply not being replaced.  It is an
open field for those who have steady hands and a lot of patience.  Of course if you don't have steady
hands, you will need a bit more patience.  Ha Ha Ha, that was funny

The most basic assistance I will start with are pictures of the movements, with those, you can see
where all the parts go.  The most common reason new comers do not take a clock apart is simply the
fear that they will not remember where all the parts go.  I will start with a complete movement and show
pictures of the process.  When there are differing versions, I will show additional pictures to cover
those.  Please be patient as I am building the site slowly.

I will work on a video to show how I disassemble one of the movements; this will give you an idea of
what is needed to completely tear one down to individual parts.
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